Rock it, bitches!


A picture I created using a bunch of different sources in response to listening to an episode of “Super Best Friendcast" where Woolie said that he wished there was a Katsuhiro Harada portrait akin to the one at Tiananmen square

and since he saw it,  it aaaalmost got mentioned on this week’s friendscast. Ooooh so close, sooooooo close.

Requested by milkandchocochipcookiesfaery



On the green paper is Hiroyuki Imaishi’s rough illustration for how he wanted Ryuko Matoi’s positioning and pose to look in a fight sequence for the first episode of Kill la Kill. On the yellow paper is Sushio’s final look based on Imaishi’s direction.

haha god I love Imaishi’s scribbly no-fucks-given storyboards

I’m laugh my ass off an “I’m… i’m die?” line.

Video found here